At the the Seaside – the “Beach Walk App” – Explore the Seashore !

Upcoming Release 2020!

Fun, Facts and Activities!

Interactive and fun – learning content for children!

A fantastic first app on the coast. The Beach Walk App is the perfect companion for children eager to understand the world of the shoreline!

“This “Beach Walk App” firmly encourages children to explore the outdoors in such a fun and interactive way!”

Explore the beach and the amazing underwater world – find out about shell shapes, what lives along the shore and find out the answer to questions such as “”What causes tides?”.

Our Beach Walk App with exciting activities and plenty of fun facts; Get your Beach Walk App! Beach Walk is a must-have for children curious about the seashore and keen to explore the world.

From birds, fishes, seashells, plants to the amazing underwater world to the seashore, and more, the key topics of each subject are explained with plenty of fun to do along the way, encouraging kids to investigate and record everything they see.

Our Beach Walk App is perfect for kids who are curious about the world outside and want to discover nature.

“A fun, interactive way to encourage curious children to learn about the world around them.”

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