Game Development, Filmmaking, Storytelling

Award-winning Science Journalist, Filmmaker, and Technologist Dipl.Biol.Volker Ide


I studied marine biology and I´m working now as a TV Science Journalist for the German & Swiss Television. Besides this, the ability to develop and publish interactive games & apps, which let people try something that is not possible with e.g. watching a film, a book or toy, has always fascinated me. The games & apps should a bit educational and a lot of fun to play. I think education does not have to stop after school. Interactive Stories for the iPhone or the iPad keep the mind always active.

But nevertheless, reading a book, communicate with others and playing outside with others are fundamental for the development of children. So, my games & apps are not supposed to replace these important activities but complement them.


„we love stories of all kind. We use storytelling to change the world. Stories come in all shapes and sizes. Our mission is to realise high quality documentaries, videos, games & mobile apps, which tell strong stories, which are well researched, which are well made, and which will entertain and inform the audience.“


Reporter, Autor, Wissenschaftsjournalist Volker Ide I NDR Hamburg

Dipl. Biologe Volker Ide arbeitet als Medizin – & Wissenschaftsjournalist & VJ für den NDR Hamburg (VISITE, MARKT, Plietsch) sowie für Radio Bremen (Buten un Binnen); ZDF / ARTE – Wissenschaftssendung X:enius und dem SRF – Zürich, Medizinredaktion „PULS“.

AUSGEZEICHNET – mit dem „Prix Leonardo“ in Silber für den von der ARD ausgestrahlten Fernsehbeitrag„Stammzellen – neue Wunderwaffe der Medizin“ auf dem Filmfestival „Fondazione Medikinale International Parma“. Bei dem „Fondazione Medikinale“ handelt es sich um das bedeutendste Festival für Wissenschaftssendungen in Europa. Volker Ide´s Beitrag wurde im Auftrag des NDR produziert und in der ARD ausgestrahlt.

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