“OCEAN EXPLORER”- new edutainment family game – Discovering the Ocean’s Secrets-2020!

Discovering the Ocean’s Secrets

The Adventure begins!

Become a famous “OCEAN EXPLORER” – 2020!

Start an exciting journey.

Explore oceans and coasts.

Discover the oceans. Listen to the sounds of the whales.

Exploring the Challenger Deep in the Pacific Ocean.

Play and learn all about coral ecosystems, whales, dolphins, sharks and other amazing species

Discover how the ocean life is influenced by humans

Free islands of plastic waste and rescue turtles from “ghost nets”.

Learn how we can help protect oceans from plastic pollution, ocean acidification and more!

Think about what you can do to protect the environment!

But there are many traps on your adventurous journey!

Beware of prickly sea urchins, poisonous algae, bristly crabs and a few other inhabitants.

Solve a knowledge quiz after each level – only then you will reach the next level.

The adventure app for all who love nature, the oceans, animals and science and are not afraid of knowledge!

Game instructions:

With the blue button you move “One Eyed Piet” right or left.

You hit the yellow button to make him jump over traps etc.

There are a lot of information boards.

„Tap” with your finger on the boards to get to the information.

To get from one Level into the next Level , you have to solve “different tasks”.

Sometimes it makes sense to read one or the other info board!!

Learn with “One Eyed Piet” all about ecosystems, food webs, and how humans shape the environment. Identifying which plant or animal belongs where on the food chain! Learn with One Eyed Piet how to protect oceans from plastic pollution, overfishing and ocean acidification.

Explore with OEP different ecosystems like the coral reef, kelp bed, and open sea! Our app teaches kids foundational science!

And now adventure starts!

Have fun!

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