Nighty night App for Kids „Good Night at the Lily Pond“ – Our new App for Better Bedtime!

Edition 2020!

Can’t you get your Children to bed? Check out our bedtime app! Our App helps Kids Settle Down for Bedtime!


Preview: Night is falling on the lily pond. Emma, the little fly, is really quite tired, and wants to go to sleep. But what’s that? Everybody at the lily pond is still awake. They still have to tidy away their toys in the toy box. Can you help them, so they can go to sleep too? You only need to tidy away their toys into the box in every house. If you done it, the dream fairy brings sweet dreams to you and to the lovely inhabitant. Nighty Night everybody!


Our sleep app, an interactive ipad & iphone story, puts children (ages 2 to 5) at the center of the action and will help them drift off into dreamland. The Kids help prepare the lovely residents ( Emma the little fly, Mia the duck or Noah the loveable cockerel) for their sleep and as your kids watch them fall asleep in their houses, they’ll hopefully follow suit.

“It is best to test the applications first yourself and then with your child and the daily sleep ritual should always be performed together. It is also important that children always use age-appropriate apps and are not overtaxed by an app.”

The interactive app has a calming narration, that will help kids wind down and fall asleep faster.

This Sleep App for Toddler & Children is available for iPad, iPhone and later for Android


“Provide for balance to the media consumption! Promote leisure activities for your child – for example, sport, music etc. “

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